Get a Heifer This Christmas - Episode 62

November 28th, 2011

We have found a wonderful and different gift to share with you this holiday season.  Actually it could be for any occasion. allows you to purchase livestock for communities around the world that are in desperate need of the luxury of basic ways to feed their family.  You can give chickens for the eggs or cattle for the milk they would give.  The beauty of this is you can give these gifts in honor of a person you love and care for.  You can even group your money with others wanting to support families world wide, for larger animals.  Please send us your comments and suggestions and even let us know if you give this wonderful gift.  Contact us at

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Holidays - HO HO HO or Bah Humbug? - Episode # 61

November 25th, 2011

Are the Holidays a time for good cheer or a disaster waiting to happen?  There is a wide range of feelings associated with the holidays, what it your take.  You get to hear some of our feelings on holidays.  We invite you to email us with comments or suggestions for the show at

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Mirrors, What Do They Tell Us - Episode 61

November 21st, 2011

When you look in a mirror what do you see?  Do you see your reflection or do you see an image of what you think is true.  How warped are these mirrors that we look into do they make us look better or do the make us look less of what we are.  Take a drive with us and find out our feelings.  As always send us ideas for the podcast or give us your feelings on the subjects.  Email us at

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Does Speeding Get You There Faster? - Episode 60

November 17th, 2011

On this podcast we ponder the issue of speeding.  Does it actually get you there any faster and if it does what are you missing by going as fast as you can?  The questions keep surfacing on this age old question.  Should we speed through our travels to our destination or stop and smell the roses?  We would love to here your comments on this podcast.  Send them to us at and if you have a suggestion for another show let us know that also.

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Heart Healthy and Happy - Episode 59

November 13th, 2011

Relationship are important to keeping you healthy.  However many other things keep you healthy.  Exercise and eating better are two great ways to keep healthy.   When you can focus on all these areas of staying healthy you create a well rounded experience.  Listen to our views and see if you agree.  We invite your suggestion for shows or comments at: or

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Podcast Information, Why Are We Doing This? - Episode 58

November 9th, 2011

Why are we here?  Why are we doing this podcast?  What are our hopes and dreams?  Find our more about us and why we are here on this podcast.  The power of podcasting is a huge benefit to our society and we feel it is a great way for you our friends to hear us.  Send us your questions and suggestions for this podcast at or .

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Fly Foreplay - Episode 57

November 5th, 2011

Sex is part of biology.  Do other creatures enjoy sex as much as we do.  Science say it is just a instinct with most animals and insects but maybe we don't know the whole story.  Could there be more pleasure in reproduction in animals than we can imagine.  You know we can only speak for ourselves and even at that different individuals have different pleasure levels associate with sex.  Join us on or drive and discussion on this podcast and listen to our feelings.  Please contact us with your opinions or suggestions for other podcasts.  Email us at or

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Forget Something? Episode 56

November 1st, 2011

Have you ever had to make a trip to the store for a specific item you forgot?  Do you really need to go get it or is it an escape plan to get out of the house?  Do we deep down forget these things on purpose to have to run back to the store?  Is it an adventure or just a slip of the mind.  Join us on another conversation and ride.  Contact us at or to give us your feedback or ideas for other conversations.  Please rate our show on itunes and get out and take your own drive from time to time.

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